Terms & Conditions

Explained below are the terms and conditions laid for our website and the same holds true for information and all other related details. The key purpose behind these terms and conditions is to consider the supply of medicines as well as the treatment as purchase or orders. While placing an order, it will be assumed that the buyers actually agrees with the given terms and conditions.

Contact Us

We can be conveniently reached through the Contact Us option that is displayed on the header tab. This will help us to deal with the client queries in no time.

Information on The Website

We put in sincere efforts to make sure that all any information displayed on our website is absolutely true and relevant. We cannot guarantee that complete details that are provided on the website are absolutely correct. The provided information is strictly sourced from the real manufacturers of that particular product. Furthermore, we never accept any liability in any circumstance for the loss that may occur due to the trust based on the given information.

Product Description

We declare that the product description that is given on the website is final. Also, we solely hold the right to alter the details and the product information at any point of time, as long as the product quality and the efficacy remains unaffected. We may even take the privilege to change the website as well as the cost of the products without any liability. We even hold the authority to withdraw any product at any point of time without any prior intimation.

General Information

Note that the entire range of products given on the website are meant strictly for personal use and the same must not be sold commercially. The promotions are also temporary and last only for a limited period. If we get the accurate correct information and details, we cannot be held responsible for the unforeseen problems that may arise, especially if the same could have been immediately sorted out through correct details and accurate information.