Piracetam 400 MG Tablets

Piracetam tablets come under the category of popular nootropics with incredible efficacy against cognitive inability. Formulated as a smart drug, it’s majorly used for the treatment of cognitive impairment, stroke, ischemia, dementia, & other disorders associated with a brain.
Piracetam’s major application is considered for the memory enhancement of an individual. In many cases, the use of this smart drug is reported to cure Attention Deficit Hyperactivity syndrome in the children. Furthermore, pharmacists accept that this medicine slows down the aging process of the brain & keeps it active from years to years.


How does Piracetam 400 mg stimulate a brain?

Although the exceptional mechanism of Piracetam UK is still under the wraps, its efficacy for better memory & cognitive enhancement is undoubtedly acceptable. However, it’s a fact that this incredible smart drug alters the release of neurotransmitters by modulating the membrane fluidity of a brain. In this way, Piracetam Tablets result in enhanced cell functioning & viscosity of the cell membranes.

Also, the impact of Piracetam medication induces the transfer of information from one to another part of a brain with better motor planning.

What medical conditions are curable by Piracetam tablets?

Piracetam 400 mg is prescribed to cure Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss in aged people, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, & more. It is categorized under the medications based on GABA i.e gamma aminobutyric acid. This nootropic drug is also used to:

  • Boost memory & the brain’s ability to retain knowledge
  • Strengthen cognitive ability with improved IQ
  • Treat circulatory disorders, heart disease, cortical myoclonus, brain injury, & obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Combat mental impairments associated with coordination & other functions of a brain.
  • Relieve patients from nervous system disease & persisting difficulties to concentrate and respond with 100% precision.
  • Fight against depression, chronic alcoholism, & drug addiction.

Dosage & usage instructions of Piracetam UK Tablets

It’s necessary to buy Piracetam 400 mg by taking prior consultation with a doctor. Although its standard dose is 1600 mg three times a day, it varies from 1.6-9.6 gm & this simply means that you might be prescribed to take 2-12 tablets of this drug per day. Though people with mild cognitive problems get better results with the routine consumption of 1-2 pills of Piracetam 400 mg pill every hour for 4-6 hours, the majority of physicians prescribe an intake of 4-8 pills during initial treatment.

Keep these points in mind if you’re planning to buy Piracetam tablets online:

  • Do not use this drug until & unless you’re not prescribed for it.
  • Children aged up to 5 years should consume 0-2gms of Piracetam thrice a day. However, kids above 5 years of age can take 0-4gms of this smart drug three times per day.
  • Avoid taking this drug if you’re pregnant or planning it, breastfeeding, suffering from liver, kidney, & bleeding problems from long time.
  • Say no to driving & handling bulky machinery if you feel sleepy, tired, & extremely anxious after Piracetam’s medication.

Side effects of Piracetam tablets online

Getting short-term side effects are common with every medicine and here is a list of health complications that Piracetam 400 mg can cause:

  • Mood changes with increased irritability
  • Extreme excited state
  • Disturbed sleep & insomnia
  • Severe headache
  • Dyspeptic disturbances
  • Confusion, depression, increased anxiety, & hallucination
  • Walking problem & weakness
  • Weight gain
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea, & more

Question corner of this drug

Is Piracetam in the UK safe & effective?

Taking this drug is the best alternative to other nootropic drugs. It’s 100% safe & effective if used in a right dose.

Is it addictive?

Although Piracetam online must be consumed on a regular basis It’s not addictive at all.

Will it cause any side effect?

One must avoid its overdose to prevent health complications & side effects.

Can I buy Piracetam tablets online?

Patients must order this prescription drug online from a genuine supplier of Piracetam in the UK.